Our Services

You can trust Remedia TSR to provide proper handling of your business's technological waste while fully complying  with the legislation (Legislative Decrees nos. 151/2005, 152/2006, 188/2008, 205/2010, and Ministerial Decree 65/2010).

The equipment that our organisation collects throughout Italy, transports, and has treated for recycling purposes is as below:

  • electrical and electronic equipment, including large-sized apparatus
  • electrical and electronic components and spare parts
  • batteries and accumulators
  • lead accumulators for use in industry and in vehicles
  • photovoltaic plant

We provide all the services that your organisation needs:

  • prompt collection throughout Italy at competitive prices from offices, warehouses, health authorities, technical assistance centres, installers etc.
  • services specifically for collection at floor level, bulky apparatus and medical devices
  • destruction of products in the presence of notaries, the Tax Police, or business managers
  • advisory services on the correct way of retiring equipment from use

Competitive Costs

The levels of efficiency Remedia achieves through the high volume of technological waste that it collects and sends for proper recycling and through the extensive coverage of the Remedia Network of Qualified Partners mean that the advantages it secures are not just environmental, they are also economic.

No. 1 for extent of coverage  and punctual collection

We operate throughout the whole of Italy thanks to a "Remedia Qualified Partner" network comprising logistic operators and treatment plants that are certified to assure the maximum reliability and punctuality in the services provided.

Full traceability of waste movement

The Integrated Information System of Remedia Group ensures that technological waste is fully traceable along the entire handling chain, from when it is collected to when it is properly recycled.

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