What we recycle

Data processing equipment, computers, printers, photocopiers, telephone equipment, cash registers, conditioners and air-treatment equipment, fridge units, display fridges, electrically powered tools, laboratory instruments, measuring instrumentation, electro-medical apparatus, POS terminals, ATM terminals, fitness equipment, spent batteries  and accumulators, lead accumulators, photovoltaic panels and all components of photovoltaic plants, which are becoming increasingly common.


The items in question are electrical and electronic products that are obsolete, not in working order, or in any case unusable - including large-size items. 
They are used in the course of the business or have been retired from use and are held in storage in your companies' warehouses.


At the same time, their number is increasing.


The constant advances in technology in government undertakings, public institutions, and businesses of all sizes is increasing the output of technological waste at a very fast pace.


Today there is a simple and safe way of recycling WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), end-of-life batteries, lead accumulators, and photovoltaic units: use the services of ReMedia.

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